Blog: Grateful Dead Listening Guide

I just learned about this on DeadNet Central. I think the author is Noah Weiner. A quick look reveals a thoughtful author. Take a peek!

Grateful Dead Listening Guide

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  1. Drew T says:

    Great pointer! When I came to the trading scene it was already digital and transitioning to the download scene. As a result soundboards seemed to be everywhere for the taking. But I’ve been hearing some really great aud tapes on Sirius, and this site looks like a great way to get to the best of them. Thanks!

  2. cousinkix1953 says:

    New AUDS are hitting the archive lately. I found a few more good ones actually worth listening to and downloading for CDs.

  3. thomas lee says:

    Thanks for the pointer – an awesome blog (which I’ve also blogged about).

    Thanks Noah for this site!!

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