Mark is Back

From the ratdog web site:

our lead guitarist

Short and sweet, Dog Heads: If you were wondering who’s playing lead guitar for our upcoming spring tour, it would be one Mark Karan. In the words of our fearless leader Senor Weir, “Mark’s back. It’s pretty much a miracle.”

Mark added, “with much gratitude after long months of hard work, joy, fear, hope, affirmation… and finally triumph… i have been given the ‘all clear’ by my wonderful doctors @ UCSF and am really pleased and excited to be able to say i’ll definitely be on the RatDog bus heading your way this spring. yippee! i’m looking forward to seeing all y’all and to playing with and for you very, very soon… thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me thru my greatest challenge.

much love, MK”

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  1. irenie says:

    Fantastic news!
    (((MK & Family)))

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