Barack Obama Music Coalition

I am right this minute on a conference call with a new organization called the Barack Obama Music Coalition. We’re going to be reaching out at clubs, festivals, online, and everywhere else to get Barack Obama nominated and ELECTED!

Please visit the site and join the team.

Barack Obama Music Coalition

Barack Obama Music Coalition

4 Responses to “Barack Obama Music Coalition”

  1. Connie says:

    Is this guy a member of your music coalition?

    Anti-Israel egyptian singer makes Obama song

    “Shaban AbdelRaheem, of the “I hate Israel” song fame, is reportedly making an Pro-Obama song:”

  2. john doe says:

    Wise up, Gans. Getting mixed up with a raving Jew hater artist will blow up in sen. Obama’s face. His bullshit makes that Chicago preacher look tame by comparison. It would be much like a Detroit skinhead band called RAHOWA, playing their rascist music in Nazi uniforms, and getting paid to do it. The proceeds will be donated to war mongering John McCain’s campaign.

    Too bad that your Grateful Dead friends brought those bigots out from under the rocks, with the idea of more concerts. I hope the media picks up on this crap too. Excuse me while I go barf…

  3. ABetterWorldisPossible says:


    Great work! Thanks for taking the bold step to endorse the Senator, and getting involved with such an awesome grassroots organization. This is something important, and despite the previous comments on the thread, inspiring. We must fight that negative rhetoric that is just plain false, and help illuminate the truth. This is the way our country, and world, will change.

    Thanks for what you are doing, and good luck this weekend!

  4. ernie oertle23 says:

    No-no! I wanna rename my handle to `ABedderWoeIzPossum’ & post this:

    Ah-h, like, this is something important ’cause I’m so totally for change because that’s, like, … ah-h, that’s what everybody does – is change & I’m for change because if we don’t, like, ah-h, change then we’d like, not-change! And Barack is gonna change what change does change, that it’ll be so cool! ’cause it’s so totally bold everybody’ll change to liking change once Barack changes the way change changes everybody. ‘Cause change is so cool totally. Whatever.
    Great wad. Tooks fer endorsin’ the dialectic’s candidate, n’ gettin’ on wit the people’s vanguard.(I’m so shallow, I don’t suspect a thing.) N’ despite the evil units of KarlRove asking deleterious comments, insipid. Wee most fight the truth wid just plain rhetoric, & illuminate the false. This is our way, & to the world, our will to power! Totallitarianly!, .. -er, I mean, Move-on!

    [We’re wise to] .. what you are doing.

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