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Gene Shalit: How do you play at that frantic volume and sustain any kind of rational mind?

Jerry Garcia: It’s like a dog hanging its head out a car window.

Shalit: You love it.

Garcia: Yeah.

The Today Show (NBC-TV) 3/21/1981


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  1. Dan says:

    My two favourite moments from this interview:

    1) We hear Jerry before we see him. The camera is on Shalit as he’s introducing Jerry. His introduction of course mentions Jerry’s intelligent and articulate nature. To which Jerry, at his self-depricating best, responds by letting out a loud and clearly audible off-camera, “Duhhhhhhh.” To which
    the curious onlookers that had gathered (sound men, technicians, Today Show staffers, etc.) around the set loudly cracks up.

    2) First question:
    Shalit: “Did you go to bed last night?”
    Jerry: “No.”

  2. david says:

    Thanks for the added info. Is it on YouTube? If so, got URL?

  3. Dan says:

    It’s not on You Tube that I am aware of.
    Believe it or not I just happened to be sitting in front of ‘The Today Show’ when it came on, and remember the things I mentioned till this day.
    I never watched the Today show or anything, it just happened to be on in a friends living room; I was doing other things in that room that morning and most certainly put them aside once I looked up and saw what was going on.
    I watched in wide-eyed amazement as ol’ Jer sat around shooting the breeze with Gene. More power to Shalit for being game and up for this, which he was. He asked that first question about whether Jerry had been to bed yet with a gleam in his eye.
    The one other thing I remember is they closed that whole subject about the band’s volume level with Jerry saying the only real reason they played loud is so the fans in the back could hear. It was a kind of conciliatory comment, just to move the converstion off of the whole volume issue.

  4. Dan says:

    Got URL.
    Stumbled across it yesterday. Saw this thing for the first time in 28 years, the interval since its broadcast and now. (It’s filler at the end of this segment, most of which is an ’87 interview).
    It was interesting to watch, given my recollections shared above (from a year ago). The memory’s not perfect, but apparently still serviceable!
    The date BTW is 3/12/81. They played later that day in Boston. Sure hope he got some zzzz’s in between chatting with Gene-o and the gig. He looks pretty crispy, like at very least he’s due for a serious nap.


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