DG is available for House Concerts

House Concerts In Your Home

In many cases, it’s a much more pleasant situation for both performer and audience. House concerts provide an intimate setting in which the music is the main event and beer sales aren’t the main determinant of success. A performer like me who doesn’t draw big crowds too often (“That’s months away,” as Martin Mull once said) has a hard time making a tour happen when the venues are clubs that need a hundred or more people to make their nut.

House concerts often include potluck dinners and other pleasant social interactions. Everybody wins!

For more information on how it’s done, click the image above or this link: concertsinyourhome.com. To talk with me about having me play a concert in your home, send email to david [at] trufun.com – or just post a message here!

For musical samples, visit the tunes page and/or David Gans on CDBaby.

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  1. Sam Glen says:

    This is a great idea! Sorry, but I don’t have the money to bring you all the way to Sweden. Although pickled herring, a little vodka and a shot of David Gans might be just what midsummer needs.


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