KPFA Grateful Dead marathon 1/31/15

KPFA‘s annual Grateful Dead fund-raising marathon happens Saturday, January 31, from 9 am to 1 am. Sixteen hours of music, talk, fun, and fundraising. I’ll be conducting this excursion with some help from Tim Lynch, my cohost on KPFA’s Dead to the World. We’ll have plenty of great unreleased Grateful Dead music, highlights from live music broadcasts we’ve hosted over the years, and we’ll have a live performance in the studio, too. It’s all for the benefit of KPFA, listener-sponsored free-speech radio. The KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon! Saturday, January 31, nine in the morning til one at night on KPFA 94.1 FM. And tell your friends out there in the universe, too, ’cause we’re streaming online at,, and

Papa Lindsey is designing a t-shirt and we’ll get that posted ASAP.

Grateful Beans & Leaves is providing coffee for the phone room volunteers and as thank-you gifts for donors.

More info as we know it…


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