Relix article on GD->UCSC


UC Santa Cruz Library will be Grateful Dead Central

by Rich Simon

….Chancellor Blumenthal drew intellectual parallels between the psychedelic rock band and the University.

“The Grateful Dead and UC Santa Cruz share a common history,” he explained, in prepared statements that drew sometimes awkward references to Dead culture.

“Both were founded the same year, 1965, and grew up together. Both evolved from the rich intellectual, social, and cultural atmosphere that blossomed in Bay Area in the 1960s. Both are innovators. … The Grateful Dead and UC Santa Cruz share freely with their followers, and are truly open-source. The Dead began with free concerts and are famous for encouraging fans to record shows, allowing them to plug directly into the soundboard. The Dead showed that by sharing music freely, the music would spread. And it really did. UC Santa Cruz will share the archive freely, using a state-of-the art archiving program, to make it accesssible to researchers and the public worldwide.” ….

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