Hillary has become a Republican

The results of the Indiana primary may have rendered it moot, but Hillary Clinton lost me for good when George Stephanopoulos asked her to name a single economist who thinks a “gas tax holiday” would work, and she replied: “I’m not going to put my lot in with economists.”

This country is in terrible, terrible condition on so many fronts after seven years of rule by an ideologue/numbskull who ignored reality and siphoned zillions of dollars to cronies and parasites. Clinton’s embrace of know-nothingdom is the final nail in the coffin of her credibility as a politician and as a citizen.

Obama’s victory in North Carolina yesterday was predicted; Indiana was supposed to be Clinton’s by some greater or lesser margin. She won Indiana, but not by much.

The Clinton spinmeisters have moved the goal posts so many times there isn’t any place to sink ’em in any more, but by pretty much any measure, the outcome of the Indiana primary should put the race to an end. Let’s hope she has the decency to quit now so we can get on with the business of preventing a third Bush term.

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4 Responses to “Hillary has become a Republican”

  1. scott says:

    A Bush third term? I hope you’re insinuating that any Republican elected would be as bad… Because unless there’s another Bush out there, this one’s done! Thankfully!

  2. cousinkix1953 says:

    C’mon. Nobody can be as incompetent as the stupid f–k in the White House now. GWB is dumber than Nixon or even Reagan in my book…

  3. Soccer Bob says:

    No, let the competition continue right to the quick! It will bring people to their TVs to see if the Dems melt down during convention. Instead there’ll be a forum for America to hear the endless litany of Republican insanities. The Obama/Clinton thing will “get worse before it gets better….but I know it’s gonna get better”!

  4. Pomo1 says:

    I never liked Hill, and I am still unsure about Obama, but the true sign that it is over is her playing the race card. She is so desperate, it makes me sick. Almost as sick as when she announced to “HER FELLOW NEW YORKERS” that she was running for the New York Senate seat.

    Unfortunately, I have a major problem with the Democrats’ competence. They already blew one chance to defeat the Republicans in 04 when Bush was so vulnerable. Unless they are careful, Hill will cause them them blow it again even though Bush is the most despised president in our nation’s history.

    I guess my point is that all politics is a silly game played by fools.

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