The best possible feedback

This email just made my day, my week, my year. It’s about an instrumental called “Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney).” Posted here with the writer’s permission.

Dear David,

I recently had the great pleasure to hear a recording by John Bleich of your July 19th performance in Liberty Pa.

There was an “impromptu” set you did & you played a song Quarter To 5…….in memory for your friend Tina who you lost to cancer.

I have to tell you……that song…….really hits my heart……..knowing WHY it was written.

I have lost 3 family members & 1 best friend to cancer myself.

I cannot listen to your song without breaking down & crying like a baby all over again…thinking of those LOVED ONES I too have lost.

that song…….really hits my heart HARD

it touches me SO DEEPLY the very thought of it makes me tear UP, I am getting teary now as I type this to you.

Please KNOW music does NOT EVER effect me that way……….but THAT SONG DOES.

It is SO BEAUTIFUL I cannot STOP CRYING even just thinking about it……… goes STRAIGHT TO MY HEART like nothing else I have ever experienced in a song.

I am a grown man, almost 59 years old & was a commercial construction worker for 40 years, a hardened old SOB who just does NOT EVER breakdown & start crying over some SONG……..but this one………makes me cry & HARD TOO, I feel that pain I felt watching my mom & the others die a little each day up until the end & on to this very day some 34 years later.

Your song is THAT touching to me & has become very personal for me because I understand it all too well.

Thank YOU for making such beautiful music.


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