Olbermann’s special comment

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2 Responses to “Olbermann’s special comment”

  1. Matthew says:

    Mr. Olberman, well put!
    Indeed, Mr. Bush, shut the * up!
    Shrub, our fearless, brainless “leader” has no clothes.

    See Amy Goodman interview with Gore Vidal at Democracy Now! http://www.democracynow.org/2008/5/14/legendary_author_gore_vidal_on_the

    God help the United States and keep us from falling into the dark abyss.

  2. cousinkix1953 says:

    I don’t watch NBC News at all. Their propaganda is brought to you by a card carrying member of the military industrial complex called GE. Their attempts to imitate KPFA’s liberal news is a big joke. What credibility would Pacifica have, if their stations were owned by a bunch of weapons coontractors instead of a pacifist organization?

    A few independent cable systems have something called FREE SPEECH TV on their dial too. It’s KPFA with pictures of some familiar faces too. It’s time to say goodbye, when the COMCAST monopoly gobbles up another service provider in your town…

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