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I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the latest Grateful Dead book that will be hitting the market next Tuesday.

This Is All A Dream We Dreamed, An Oral History of the Grateful Dead by Blair Jackson and David Gans is The Grateful Dead Story as told by those that were actually part of it. For many of us, Blair Jackson and David Gans have been the link between the inner circle and the outer circle of our community for several decades. They’ve combed through thousands of hours of interviews and conversations they have participated in, with those closest as well as those in the band, to convey a first hand look at the history of our favorite topic. Instead of guessing what Garcia might say in regards to any given topic, this book gives you plenty of things he really did say instead of assuming. While many bits and pieces that make up the book have appeared elsewhere before, it’s packed with new stories and conversations that have yet to be seen. The book takes pieces from the stories told by the characters that make up Our Community and places them within the proper context and time period from which they came. Since the book is largely comprised of short pieces by different individuals, even the most burned out meatheads can navigate their way through the adventure without losing steam. This approach seems to make reading large chunks of it just as easy as picking it up for a minute or two. That is a tremendous accomplishment when your book is aimed at a community with a good deal of members that have absolutely no clue how to pay attention. I think the ladies will be happy that there is a lot more input from the significant women in and around the scene. Blair and David obviously felt like this was an important piece of the picture that has been limited in other historical perspectives. You’ll definitely hear more from the women at the center of it all than you have before.

Many of us are currently spending a little more time than we have in a while on planes, trains and automobiles. A little more time than usual in hotels, motels and parking lots, if ya know what I mean. It’s great to have something new to read while flying, travelling or waiting for show time. This book will keep you engaged from the minute you pick it up. As a collection of stories told by others, there are really no parts that are difficult to get through. It’s a story we all know, full of characters we all love. What could be better than having all of those characters tell it to US, all in one place? That’s exactly what happens in this new addition to any Deadhead’s required reading list for winter. Whether you grab it on Tuesday or put it on your Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa list, I guarantee you’ll have a blast as you learn and relive the days that make up the history of The Greatest Live Band the earth will ever know. Nothing is better than a history book that’s told by the people that were actually creating it! David Gans, in his humility, downplays the role he’s played for many of us throughout the years but for me, he has been a bridge between the Center of Grateful Dead Land and its inhabitants. I appreciate how Blair and David have taken the pieces of our past and arranged them for us in a way that is both extremely enjoyable and easy to read. It’s a scrapbook you can read and a highlight reel from decades of interviews and conversations. My attention span is shorter than the line for the women’s bathroom at Phish Shows and I am completely sucked into this book. Pick it up on Tuesday or put it on your holiday gift list! You’ll be glad you did.

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