GDH leaving KKFI, probably

We are about to lose our longtime Kansas Ciy affiliate. From local program host Rick Chael:

As some would say, “All good things must come to an end.”

I come to you today to let you know that the final airing of the Grateful Dead Hour on KKFI in Kansas City will be Friday July 4th.

Due to some monetary issues the manager of the station will not be renewing the contract with David Gans, the facilitator of the Grateful Dead Hour.

I made the announcement of the show coming to a close last Friday, June 27, and received an outpouring of support from several listeners and fans. In the 2 hour show I received 15 or so calls from listeners asking what could be done. I explained that it was partially a monetary issue and if the fans of the GDH REALLY wanted that the show continue, that there would really need to be serious support in the next week.

I received from some guys in Lansing (in one of the penitentiaries) a pledge of 120 dollars, and these guys listen, record and listen to the recording all week long!!!!!!

I also received some other support from listeners that said that they would call the office and pledge in order to keep the GDH going.

So there may be a chance that the show will continue, but it will be contingent on some monetary decisions and some other legal issues, and an ok from the station manager.

On September 1 2006, a dream came true for me. Hopefully the dream will continue, as I love being a programmer for the Grateful Dead Hour.

So tune in and see what happens on Friday night

This could be really interesting………….

Thanks all……………….Its a Great Day

Rick Chael
Piano Technician

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