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Gans gigs in the Bay Area

Monday, July 17th, 2023

Saturday, July 22 (2pm and 7pm shows): The Barton Hills Choir at the Ashkenaz, Berkeley. Gavin Tabone is bringing his nationally-renowned, Austin-based children’s singing group to Berkeley! They’ve released two albums of Grateful Dead songs! This program will feature Dead songs, and more! Jen Rund on bass, Neil Hampton on drums, DG on guitar.
Tickets for the 2:00 show
Tickets for the 7:00 show

Sunday, July 23: David Gans and Broken Angels at the Baltic Kiss, Point Richmond CA. DG, Lorna Kollmeyer, Myles Boisen, Joshua Raoul Brody, Joe Kyle Jr., and Jeff Hobbs!

Wednesday, July 26: DG, Joe Rut, and Dave Jess at Luigi’s Deli in Martinez CA. Dead tunes and more.

Today is my 1000th livestream

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

Today I will play my 1000th online live show.

When my gigs started getting canceled in March of 2020, I decided to start playing a live set online every day. It’s been fun, and I’ve made some decent money doing it, and it led to my opening an online store that has also served me well. And along the way, I made a bunch of new friends!

Today’s set happens an hour early because I have another gig later. Please join me today (6/21/23) at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern (I usually play at 4pm PT)


Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

Peter Hartlaub wrote about me in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Gans gigs outside the house

Monday, June 19th, 2023

I am in the process of dragging my web site into the 21st century. In the meantime, here’s some info on upcoming performances other than my livestreams from home:

Thursday, July 13: Joe Craven & DG & guest TBA at the Monkey House, Berkeley CA
Saturday, July 22 (2pm and 7pm shows): The Barton Hills Choir at the Ashkenaz, Berkeley
Sunday, July 23: David Gans and Broken Angels at the Baltic Kiss, Point Richmond CA
Wednesday, July 26: DG, Joe Rut, and Dave Jess at Luigi’s Deli, Martinez CA
Saturday, August 5: The Music Room at Carillon Kennesaw GA
Sunday, August 6: Jerry Day ATL, Atlanta

Wednesday, August 16: Joe Craven & DG & guest TBA at the Monkey House, Berkeley CA
Thursday, August 17: DG, Mokai, and James Nash at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco
Sunday, August 20: GBB Fest VII, Ridgefield WA
Wednesday, August 23: Fragile Thunder Duo (DG and Anela Lauren) at the Dolphin Playhouse, Coos Bay OR
Saturday, August 26: Art.Heart.Soul Music Microfest, Vashon WA

Wednesday, October 4: DG, Joe Craven, and Josh Gordon at Piazza’s Pine Cone Inn, Kernville CA

Details to follow.

Photo by Rita Hurault

DG’s livestream schedule June 19-25

Monday, June 19th, 2023

I’m working for on the Dead & Company tour* (through mid-July), so I play my daily livestream early on show days. Here’s my performing schedule for this week (all times Pacific):

Monday, June 19: 4pm
Tuesday, June 20: 4pm
Wednesday, June 21: 3pm
Thursday, June 22: 4pm
Friday, June 23: 5pm
(LATE start! I have a recording session earlier in the day)
Saturday, June 24: Quaranpalooza, a monthly online music festival. I play in the 2pm hour.
Sunday, June 25: no livestream (I have Tales from the Golden Road 1-3pm and then the DeadCo show from Fenway Park at 4)

These days I stream in five places:
Facebook (Grateful Music LLC)
Facebook (David Gans)

Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

*Gary Lambert and I cohost an interview series titled DEAD AIR, broadcast between sets on the livestreams. It also shows up on the nugsnet YouTube channel and Dead & Company’s socials as the “Free set II preview” of each day’s show. Here is an archive of previous programs.

DG in Georgia in August

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

I have been invited to perform at Jerry Day ATL on Sunday, August 6!
And on Saturday, August 5, I’ll play a show in the Music Room at Carillon in Kennnesaw.

Details to follow.

Daily livestream update

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

I won’t have time to play a live set today!

I’ve got Tales from the Golden Road from 1 to 3, and then I’ll be working the Dead & Company show for starting at 4.

I’ll be back in the studio with a live performance tomorrow (Monday 6/19) at 4pm PT. I’ll play Tuesday at 4, Wednesday and Thursday at 3, and Friday at 4.

Next Saturday I’ll be playing QuaranPalooza (in the 2pm hour), and next Sunday I’ll have to take the day off again.

Here’s a link to order a ticket for Quaranpalooza – come hang out with the musicians in the Zoom chat!

TONIGHT! Joe Craven, David Gans, and Mookie Siegel

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2023 at The Monkey House, 1638 University Avenue, Berkeley

Joe Craven and I have been performing together for more than a year now, in a variety of contexts. For this monthly (-ish) residency at the Monkey House, we’ve been inviting a third party in for shows that mix familiar songs (often in new arrangements) and lots of improvisation.

Mookie Siegel, keyboardist of the David Nelson Band, joined us for a full-band show in Berkeley in April. It was the first time Joe and Mookie had met and jammed, and the connection was a sweet one from the start! So we’ve invited him to join us in the more intimate setting of The Monkey House tonight.

Doors at 7, show 7:30-10pm. Admission is $10-40 sliding scale. Advance tickets are recommended! Email

Thanks to Bob Minkin for the photo of Mookie!

DG’s daily livestreams: three years and counting!

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

I haven’t played every single day since April 3, 2020, but I haven’t missed very many! I play most days at 4 pm Pacific, but I am starting earlier on certain days because I am also working for on the Dead & Company tour so I need to be finished in time to watch their show!

My performances are streamed live on these platforms:
Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

I have played more than 500 different songs (including more than 100 unique improvisations). The top 50 (* = my original songs):

*Blue Roses 161
*The Town That Still Believes in Magic 151
*It’s Gonna Get Better 147
Days Between 137
Box of Rain 130
Scarlet Begonias 123
*Jam 119
*Save Us from the Saved 118
Terrapin Station 113
Brokedown Palace 111
Looks Like Rain 108
*Cassidy’s Cat 105
Wharf Rat 104
*That’s Real Love 104
*Leave Me 102
Sitting in Limbo 102
Friend of the Devil 102
Touch of Grey 101
*River and Drown 100
Pancho and Lefty 99
*Summer By the Bay 98
Ship of Fools 97
Forever 96
Stella Blue 95
*Be Like Earl 92
*An American Family 91
*Travelin’ Man 89
Dark Star 89
Norwegian Wood 88
*Hooker River 85
*Life Is a Jam 85
She Loves You 84
*Like a Dog 83
Bird Song 83
New Speedway Boogie 82
Promised Land 81
Althea 81
Lazy River Road 79
Here Comes Sunshine 79
*The Folk Process 77
*Jacqueline 77
Miss That Car 74
Broken Arrow 74
Black Throated Wind 72
Attics of My Life 72
Mr Soul 70
*Your Movie 70
Down to Eugene 69
*Shove in the Right Direction 69
*The Minstrel 68

Two of those songs are only half mine: “The Town That Still Believes in Magic” was written with Scott Guberman; “Shove in the Right Direction” was written with Lorin Rowan.

“Down to Eugene” was written by Jim Page; “Forever” was written by Ira Marlowe; “Miss That Car” was written by Joe Burke

I’ve gotten some press attention. The San Francisco Chronicle has covered my daily performances, and so has Live for Live Music.

Garcia Songbook Live in Berkeley tonight (early show!)

Sunday, April 16th, 2023

Joe Craven, David Gans, Lorna Kollmeyer, Jeff Hobbs, Joe Kyle, Jr and special guest Mookie Siegel – telling the story in our own voice!

Sunday 4/16. Doors at 6, show at 6:30
Art House Gallery and Cultural Center
2905 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Tickets are available here

Click here to hear our new studio recording of “Attics of My Life

Two shows in Berkeley this week!

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

I am playing TWO shows at the Monkey House this week! Yes, it’s kinda nutso to play two nights in a row in the same venue, doing two different things. But “I contain multitudes,” or something like that. I hope you can come to one or both of these shows!

Thursday 3/9 with Joe Craven and Paul Kotapish. Joe and I have been performing together regularly for about a year now. We’re doing a more-or-less monthly thing at The Monkey House – Joe and me with a different third player every time. I know Paul from Wake the Dead, and Joe worked with him in that context (and maybe others). A mix of songs and improvisation.

Friday 3/10 with Joe Burke and Joe Rut. Three songwriters, performing separately and together.

Joe Rut and Joe Burke are two songwriters whose work I have long admired. I produced Joe Burke’s album Just Watching the Show a few years back, and that led to the creation of Yerba Buena Orchestra with many of the musicians who played on the album.

Joe Rut has released many records of music that is clever, wildly amusing, and deeply thoughtful. Check ’em out on Bandcamp! He and I have written three songs together so far, and we’re planning to collaborate some more!

Joe and Joe and I will have Jeff Hobbs with us, playing a variety of instruments.

Doors at 7, show at 7:30pm
$10-40 sliding scale
The Monkey House, 1638 University Avenue, Berkeley CA

Poster by Pamella Gregg Craven

DG’s daily livestream

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

With certain exceptions, I am still playing a live set online every afternoon! 4-5pm PT daily:


Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

These performances are archived online. Here is a page with the setlists, and there’s a link to the video on most of the entries. And here is a list of the songs I have played – more than 500, counting 100+ unique improvisations.

DG and Joe Rut swap songs 1/6/23

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Joe Rut and me in my living room Friday, January 6, 2023. I heard lots of songs I had never heard before, and I was blown away! He is an amazing songwriter.

Pickle and Taco (Ringo and Percy)
Down to Eugene
What She Had Tattooed Across Her Heart
High Guy
Gaslight Blues
Therapy Blues
The Enabler
Teslas All the Way Down
These Apartments
Heart Bird Dream
The Town That Still Believes in Magic
Desert Queen
Shove in the Right Direction
El Dorado
Distance to the Door
Whiskey Bottle

“Live from Oakland” searchable database

Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Not sure how useful this is going to be for anyone other than me, but here is a searchable database of all my “Live from Oakland” streaming shows, updated daily:
The camera icon on the right side is a link to the video of that show.

And here is a list of all the songs, with first/last plays and the number of times played:

Robin Sylvester, RIP

Sunday, October 30th, 2022

Today I am grieving the death of Robin Sylvester, one of my all-time favorite jamming partners and a damn fine fellow.

I first met him in the late ’90s when he was with Vince Welnick & Missing Man Formation. And of course, he was in Ratdog for many years. I can’t recall the first time we played together, but it was the first of many live shows and studio sessions.

Robin looms large in my discography:
Fragile Thunder: One Afternoon Long Ago
Chocolate Coffee Pot
Three songs on Drop the Bone
Two songs on You Are Here
The Town That Still Believes in Magic” w/ Scott Guberman, me, and Greg Anton (that’s a “pay what you want” download, so you can enter $0 and hear it for free if you like)

I also have several unreleased tracks from various sessions, and of course dozens of live shows we did together.

Robin had that wonderful ability to hold the groove and participate in the musical conversation at the same time. He was a wonderful musician and a very kind and gentle man.

Robin had health problems for many years. He was in dialysis several times a week, waiting for a kidney transplant that never came. Last year I passed the hat and raised $30,000 to help with his ongoing need for in-home care. The messages of love that came in with the donations were breathtaking.

We spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and Robin indicated that he was likely to need another round of donations. I was gearing up to get that started when I heard that he was in the hospital again.

Last week I got a call from his caregiver, saying that Robin was asking for me, so I went up to Santa Rosa Thursday morning and visited him in the ICU.

He was asleep when I got there so I sat quietly until he woke up. He was very, very weak and it was hard to hear him in that noisy room. We watched a bit of Justin Kreutzmann’s new movie on my computer. Nurses came in to do various things and I got a look at his legs, which were nothing but bone. I started to get the idea that he might not be going home.

Robin was starting to drift off again, so I put the computer away and prepared to leave. “I love you, Robin,” I said as I left. “I love you, too, David.” I am so glad I was able to say that to him.

New guitar day!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

Yesterday was a big day for Rita and me. We went to Santa Cruz, to Rick Turner Guitars, where I picked up a new instrument and Rita met with our luthier friend, Zack Jones, to discuss the ukulele he is going to build for her.

My new guitar is a Renaissance RS-6 “Deuce,” similar to the one I have been playing since 2012 but without the MIDI pickup (which I have rarely used) and with a neck that is 1/16″ wider at the nut. Redwood top, sycamore back and sides, mahogany neck. Larry Robinson inlaid my logo at the 12th fret.

Rita has been deeply into the ukulele since we visited our friends Josh and Roberta in Kernville three years ago. They host a uke jam at the Pine Cone Inn every Tuesday. They sent Rita home with a uke, and a few months later she bought one of her own (and I returned the loaner on my next trip south). She has been taking lessons for a while now. It has been wonderful to hear her becoming a musician! And now she will have a ukulele built by a master, to her specifications.

Why did I buy a new guitar that is more or less identical to the one I already have?

I own a couple of normal electric guitars and two proper acoustic guitars, but none of them is capable of doing what the Renaissance does. The Ren is a hybrid guitar, combining “acoustic” and “electric” properties. I keep the blend control in the middle position, which allows me to build arrangements in real time with my looper: strumming lightly yields a more “acoustic” sound for the accompaniment (“rhythm guitar”), and when I want to (e.g.) play a solo I just dig in a little bit and it sounds more “electric.” Some of my loop pieces have as many as seven or eight layers, and the amazing tonal range of this guitar helps to keep things clear as the music becomes more dense.

I wanted to have a backup instrument in case something happens to one, and I also wanted to take advantage of some advances in the technology since I got my last Ren ten years ago.

The first song I played on the new guitar, down there in the shop, was “That’s Real Love,” a song I wrote for Rita around 20 years ago.

The new guitar made its debut Tuesday, October 4: Miss That Car, Norwegian Wood, Pancho and Lefty, Box of Rain, Do You Believe in Magic?->Here Comes Sunshine, Eleanor Rigby, Sovereign Soul, Summer by the Bay, If I Fell, High Guy, Silvio

I play a live set online every afternoon at 4pm PT

With Zack Jones, production manager at Rick Turner Guitars. This guitar was built under his supervision!