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August 13, 1975 salute on August 13, 2015

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

The backdrop from the 1975 show will be in the house in 2015!

August 13 2015/1975: A celebration of 40 years since the Grateful Dead’s legendary “One From The Vault” performance @ GAMH

This special evening features Mark Karan, Robin Sylvester, James Nash, Neil Hampton, David Gans, Totally Dead (Will McCosker – drums, Dave Gantenbein – bass, Ned Patchett – guitar & vocals, Matt Salata – guitar & vocals, Jaime Cintado – keys & vocals, Eileen Flynn Bell – vocals), Teja Gerken, Alex Bleeker (Real Estate), Jason Crosby (Doobie Decibel System), Kyle Field (Little Wings), Elliott Peck, Roger McNamee (Doobie Decibel System), Cochrane McMillan (Tea Leaf Green), Danny Eisenberg, Henry Kaiser with Bob Bralove, Scott Amendola & Michael Manring, Grahame Lesh, Harry Duncan plus special guests.

UPDATE: The event will be live streamed!!

One From the Vault is a live album by the Grateful Dead, recorded on August 13, 1975 at the Great American Music Hall, and released April 15, 1991 on Grateful Dead Records. The concert was broadcast on FM radio, widely traded by fans on cassettes, and sold in bootleg LP versions under the titles Urubouros Deedni Mublasaron and Make Believe Ballroom. But it was not until the Grateful Dead released it on their eponymous record label that high-quality versions of the songs appeared. It was the first complete concert recording released commercially by the band. The concert also marked the first time that the then recently released album Blues for Allah was performed live in its entirety, albeit with a few other songs thrown in.

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