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GD Hour Garcia memorials on DeadNet

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Every Wednesday, we post a show from the Grateful Dead Hour archive on DeadNet.

This week’s entry is the first of five in a row dealing with Jerry Garcia’s death in August of 1995, starting with GD Hour #361. This show includes the memorial ceremony at Golden Gate Park August 13, 1995, led by Babatunde Olatunji and with contributions from Bobby, Phil, Mickey, Billy, Vince, Deborah Garcia, Annabelle Garcia, John Perry Barlow, Wavy Gravy (reading Robert Hunter’s “Elegy” and his own “Haiku for Jerry”), Steve Parish, and Paul Kantner.

A visitor to the DeadNet site asked for the title and author of the wonderful poem Kantner read. I emailed Paul for the info, but by the time I came back to post it another reader had already found the information. It’s “For the Good of All,” by Otto Rene Castillo. Further research shows that excerpts from this poem are included in Paul’s song “The Wheel (For Nora and Nicaragua)” on the 1989 album Jefferson Airplane.