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DG’s “Live from Oakland” playback party

Saturday, May 11th, 2024

I’m on my way to Las Vegas to do some SiriusXM stuff and play two shows (Friday and Saturday at noon at Shakedown Vegas), and then we’ll be off to Utah for a few days.

My daily livestreams began on April 3, 2020 and continue to this day – with occasional lapses, which I cover with replays. Here is a nearly-complete archive of the livestreams (with viewing links to most of them).

In anticipation of my vacation, Green Room regulars Richard Selleseth (who records my gigs and masters my shows for, etc), Jill Swellville, and Rose Inati put together a list of favorite shows going all the way back to the first one, more than four years ago.

These will appear at my usual time – 4:00pm Pacific – streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

5/14: April 3, 2020 – Sweet Baby James, That’s Real Love, Box of Rain, Sitting in Limbo; April 4, 2020 – It’s Gonna Get Better, Looks Like Rain, Save Us from the Saved, Therapy Blues, The Town That Still Believes in Magic, Be Like Earl > Blue Roses > Ship of Fools > Loser, Summer By the Bay

5/15: August 22, 2020 – He’s Gone, Looks Like Rain, Dupree’s Diamond Blues, What a Wonderful World, High Time, Sitting in Limbo > Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, To Lay Me Down, Touch of Grey

5/16: January 12, 2021 – Help!-> Blue Roses-> Scarlet Begonias, Dark Star, The Town That Still Believes in Magic, Black Throated Wind, Tennessee Jed, Surely You Jest, Good Night Irene, Dawn’s Early Light->For Everyman

5/17: October 13, 2020 with Scott Guberman on the front lawn – Jack Straw, They Love Each Other, It’s All Over Now, Bird Song-> Love Me Two Times, Breakdown, The Town That Still Believes in Magic-> The Wheel-> The Town That Still Believes in Magic, Not Fade Away, Terrapin Station, Ripple

5/18: April 15, 2021 with Stephen Katz at Megasonic – All improvised!

5/19: June 24 2021, with Jeff Hobbs (violin. cello, soprano sax, mandolin) – River and Drown-> Me and Bobby McGee, Pancho and Lefty-> Terrapin Station, Ship of Fools, Willin’, That’s Real Love, New Speedway Boogie, Brokedown Palace

5/20: October 28, 2021 – What a Day for a Daydream-> Summer by the Bay, The Minstrel, Autumn Day, That’s Real Love, Like a Dog-> Leave Me, Jacqueline, The Folk Process, The Town That Still Believes in Magic, Waltzing Across Texas

5/21: March 11, 2022 – After the Gold Rush-> Touch of Grey, Crazy Fingers-> You Won’t See Me, On the Road Again, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Friend of the Devil, Dear Mr Fantasy, Shove in the Right Direction, It’s Gonna Get Better, Ready for the Times to Get Better

5/22: January 2, 2023 – Comes a Time-> Trying, Season of the Witch, Who Killed Uncle John?, Scarlet Begonias, Desperado, Down to Eugene, Ship of Fools-> Be Like Earl, Attics of My Life

5/23: June 17 2023 – The Times, They Are A-Changin’, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, She Belongs to Me, If Not For You, Down to Eugene, Almost Cut My Hair-> Tower of Song-> Across the Universe, Within You Without You

5/24: August 5, 2021 with Anela Lauren Sugaree, Friend of the Devil, What’s the Plan, Fire on the Mountain, Bird Song, St Stephen, Standing on the Moon, Ripple, It Must Have Been the Roses

5/25: March 3, 2022 with Joe Craven at Megasonic – River and Drown-> Mr Soul-> Me and Bobby McGee, Deal, Russian Lullaby, Willin’, Happy Together, Sitting in Limbo, New Speedway Boogie, Friend of the Devil, Candyman

5/26: May 29, 2022 with Stephen Inglis in his living room in Honolulu – It Must Have Been the Roses, Jacqueline, Promised Land, Sitting in Limbo, Cold Sunday, Bird Song, High Time, Days Between, Hi’ilawe, Ashland Town, Friend of the Devil

5/27: October 14, 2022 with Joe Burke at Megasonic – Miss That Car, Summer By the Bay, Ain’t No There There, Pancho and Lefty, Just Watchin’ the Show, Crazy Crazy Crazy, You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, River and Drown, Scarlet Begonias, Lonesome Fugitive, Prowlin’ under the Moon, What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding?, Deal

5/28: July 3, 2023 – Across the Universe, Let It Be, Listen, Gulf Coast Highway, Dawn’s Early Light-> Sugar, Sugar-> What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding? Leave Me, Blue Roses, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Here Comes the Sun, Life Is a Jam, Hooker River, High Guy

The tip jar and online store are always open! I’ve got books (signed by the author(s)), CDs, t-shirts, and mugs in addition to the DIRECT DONATION link!

Today is my 1000th livestream

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

Today I will play my 1000th online live show.

When my gigs started getting canceled in March of 2020, I decided to start playing a live set online every day. It’s been fun, and I’ve made some decent money doing it, and it led to my opening an online store that has also served me well. And along the way, I made a bunch of new friends!

Today’s set happens an hour early because I have another gig later. Please join me today (6/21/23) at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern (I usually play at 4pm PT)


Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

Peter Hartlaub wrote about me in the San Francisco Chronicle:

DG’s livestream schedule June 19-25

Monday, June 19th, 2023

I’m working for on the Dead & Company tour* (through mid-July), so I play my daily livestream early on show days. Here’s my performing schedule for this week (all times Pacific):

Monday, June 19: 4pm
Tuesday, June 20: 4pm
Wednesday, June 21: 3pm
Thursday, June 22: 4pm
Friday, June 23: 5pm
(LATE start! I have a recording session earlier in the day)
Saturday, June 24: Quaranpalooza, a monthly online music festival. I play in the 2pm hour.
Sunday, June 25: no livestream (I have Tales from the Golden Road 1-3pm and then the DeadCo show from Fenway Park at 4)

These days I stream in five places:
Facebook (Grateful Music LLC)
Facebook (David Gans)

Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

*Gary Lambert and I cohost an interview series titled DEAD AIR, broadcast between sets on the livestreams. It also shows up on the nugsnet YouTube channel and Dead & Company’s socials as the “Free set II preview” of each day’s show. Here is an archive of previous programs.

DG’s daily livestreams: three years and counting!

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

I haven’t played every single day since April 3, 2020, but I haven’t missed very many! I play most days at 4 pm Pacific, but I am starting earlier on certain days because I am also working for on the Dead & Company tour so I need to be finished in time to watch their show!

My performances are streamed live on these platforms:
Tip jar, CDs, signed books, t-shirts, and mugs:

I have played more than 500 different songs (including more than 100 unique improvisations). The top 50 (* = my original songs):

*Blue Roses 161
*The Town That Still Believes in Magic 151
*It’s Gonna Get Better 147
Days Between 137
Box of Rain 130
Scarlet Begonias 123
*Jam 119
*Save Us from the Saved 118
Terrapin Station 113
Brokedown Palace 111
Looks Like Rain 108
*Cassidy’s Cat 105
Wharf Rat 104
*That’s Real Love 104
*Leave Me 102
Sitting in Limbo 102
Friend of the Devil 102
Touch of Grey 101
*River and Drown 100
Pancho and Lefty 99
*Summer By the Bay 98
Ship of Fools 97
Forever 96
Stella Blue 95
*Be Like Earl 92
*An American Family 91
*Travelin’ Man 89
Dark Star 89
Norwegian Wood 88
*Hooker River 85
*Life Is a Jam 85
She Loves You 84
*Like a Dog 83
Bird Song 83
New Speedway Boogie 82
Promised Land 81
Althea 81
Lazy River Road 79
Here Comes Sunshine 79
*The Folk Process 77
*Jacqueline 77
Miss That Car 74
Broken Arrow 74
Black Throated Wind 72
Attics of My Life 72
Mr Soul 70
*Your Movie 70
Down to Eugene 69
*Shove in the Right Direction 69
*The Minstrel 68

Two of those songs are only half mine: “The Town That Still Believes in Magic” was written with Scott Guberman; “Shove in the Right Direction” was written with Lorin Rowan.

“Down to Eugene” was written by Jim Page; “Forever” was written by Ira Marlowe; “Miss That Car” was written by Joe Burke

I’ve gotten some press attention. The San Francisco Chronicle has covered my daily performances, and so has Live for Live Music.

DG’s daily livestream

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Photomontage by Craig Rutman

Livestream 4-5pm PT daily:


Previous performances are archived at Facebook and YouTube

Tip jar, CDs, signed books, and mugs:

Here is a list of all the songs I have played since 4/4/20, from most-played to least.
* = original song

*Blue Roses 116
*The Town That Still Believes in Magic 112
Box of Rain 108
*It’s Gonna Get Better 106
Days Between 95
Scarlet Begonias 94
Looks Like Rain 93
Terrapin Station 93
Brokedown Palace 88
Friend of the Devil 86
Stella Blue 84
Ship of Fools 83
*Cassidy’s Cat 83
Wharf Rat 82
Sitting in Limbo 81
*Save Us from the Saved 78
*Jam 76
Pancho and Lefty 75
*River and Drown 71
*Summer by the Bay 71
New Speedway Boogie 71
*Be Like Earl 70
Forever 70 (Ira Marlowe)
Althea 69
*That’s Real Love 69
Norwegian Wood 69
*Leave Me 66
Bird Song 64
*Hooker River 64
Dark Star 62
Lazy River Road 62
*Life Is a Jam 62
Black Throated Wind 62
*Like a Dog 62 (Hunter-Gans)
Touch of Grey 60
Promised Land 60
*An American Family 59
*The Folk Process 57
Down to Eugene 57 (Jim Page)
*Travelin’ Man 54
*Shove in the Right Direction 54
*Your Movie 52
Dear Mr Fantasy 52
Attics of My Life 52
*Jacqueline 52
Shakedown Street 52
Miss That Car 50 (Joe Burke)
Our Lady of the Well 49
Me and Bobby McGee 48
US Blues 48
Broken Arrow 48
Candyman 47
Deal 47
Black Muddy River 44
High Time 44
It Must Have Been the Roses 43
You’ve Got a Friend 41
Cold Rain and Snow 41
In Another World 41
*The Minstrel 41
*Ran into God 41
She Loves You [C] 39
Ready for the Times to Get Better 39
Sugaree 39
Here Comes Sunshine 38
Sugar Magnolia 38
Loser 37
*Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney) 37
The Wheel 37
For Everyman 36
Keep Your Day Job 36
Happy Together 36
Mr Soul 36
*These Apartments 36
*Shut Up and Listen 36 (Hunter-Gans)
Jack Straw 35
*Therapy Blues 34 (Rut-Gans)
Willin’ 32
Mason’s Children 32
Not Fade Away 31
He’s Gone [C] 31
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 30
Ripple 30
Thunder Road 30
Let It Rock 30
Standing on the Moon 30
Watching the Detectives 29
Mr Tambourine Man 29
Turn! Turn! Turn! 28
Help! [D] 28
A Goddamn Thing 28 (Mr Smolin)
To Lay Me Down 28
Ramble On Rose 28
They Love Each Other 28
*Dawn’s Early Light 27
*Trying 27
When I Paint My Masterpiece 27
In My Life 27
*Surely You Jest 26
I Saw Her Standing There 25
*The Bounty of the County 25
*Waltzing Across Texas 25
Midnight Moonlight 24
Brown-Eyed Women 24
*Listen 23
*High Guy 23
What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding? 23
California Dreamin’ 23
You Won’t See Me 23
Rocket Man 23
Desperado 22
*Crazy Crazy Crazy 22
*Wherever I Am 22
Impressionist Two-Step 22
Uncle John’s Band 22
*Sovereign Soul 21
The Harder They Come 21
Jackaroe 21
Fire on the Mountain 21
Your Song 21
Across the Universe 20
Black Peter 20
Tennessee Jed 20
Beautiful Despair 20
Season of the Witch 20
*Honeydew 20
This Land Is Your Land 19
Do You Believe in Magic? 19
Here Comes the Sun 19
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 19
I Should Have Known Better 19
Bertha 19
Seven Story Mountain 18
Franklin’s Tower 18
*Who Killed Uncle John? 18
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 18
The Letter 18
Yesterday 17
All Along the Watchtower 17
Take It Easy 17
One More Saturday Night 17
Things We Said Today 17
Yellow Moon 17
Stagger Lee 17
For No One 17
Gomorrah 16
Eleanor Rigby 16
Gulf Coast Highway 16
Mexicali Blues 16
Moonshadow 16
Up on Cripple Creek 15
Love Potion #9 15
Me and My Uncle 15
Hotel California 14
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain 14
St Stephen 14
Get Together 14
All My Lovin’ 14
Mississippi Halfstep 14
Sultans of Swing 14
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 14
Elvis Imitator 13
For a Dancer 13
*Desert of Love 13
Fennario 13
Positive Friction 13
The Weight 13
Where I Come From 13
*Caroline 12
*Headin’ Home Already 12
Boulder to Birmingham 12
You’re Gonna Lose That Girl 12
Secret Agent Man 12
Four Strong Winds 12
Catch the Wind 12
Cinnamon Girl 12
Bluebird 12
Stuck inside of Mobile… 11
Guilty 11
Return of the Grievous Angel 11
Dixie Chicken 10
Panama Red 10
*Autumn Day 10
Cassidy 10
Before the Deluge 10
Henry 10
Blue Umbrella 10
If I Fell 10
Sounds of Silence 10
Born to Be Wild 9
Eight Days a Week 9
Night Crawl 9
Wild Horses 9
Ticket to Ride 9
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da [C] 9
Solitary Man 9
Catfish John 9
Mountains of the Moon 9
Dupree’s Diamond Blues 9
Scene of the Crime 9
A Life of Illusion [E] 8
Sweet Baby James 8
Back in the USSR 8
I Know You Rider [A] 8
Mama Tried 8
Beat It on Down the Line [A] 8
Let It Be 8
Big River 8
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away 8
Defying Gravity 8
Seeds and Stems 8
*Echolalia 8
*Prophet and Loss 7
Father and Son 7
Paperback Writer 7
Until I Gain Control Again 7
Mr Charlie 7
Peaceful Easy Feeling 7
What a Day for a Daydream 7
Mission in the Rain 7
Within You Without You 7
Row Jimmy 7
Psycho Killer 7
Sugar Mountain 7
El Paso 7
Hippie from Olema 6
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters 6
Get Back 6
*Popstar 6
Tell Me Why 6
Truckin’ 6
Please Please Me [G] 6
Rubin and Cherise 6
Yellow Submarine 6
Alabama Getaway 6
Just a Little Light (Em) 6
On the Road Again (Willie) 5
Puff, the Magic Dragon 5
Someday Soon 5
Here, There, and Everywhere [C] 5
Blackbird 5
Counting Flowers on the Wall 5
One After 909 5
Colours 5
My Sisters and Brothers 5
The Times, They Are A-Changin’ 5
Normal 5
Dire Wolf 5
Sin City 5
*Distance to the Door 5
Green Eyes 5
The Fool on the Hill 5
There Is a Mountain 5
For What It’s Worth 5
Operator 5
Monkey and the Engineer 5
*Falling Star 5
The Wind 5
Till the Morning Comes 4
Silvio 4
Danny’s Song 4
Cousin Caterpillar 4
Help Me Make It Thru the Night 4
Helplessly Hoping 4
What’s Your Name? 4
Morning Dew 4
If I Had the World to Give 4
Forever Young 4
King of the Road 4
Do You Want to Know a Secret? 4
Last Train to Clarksville 4
Like a Rolling Stone 4
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 4
Mississippi 4
Casey Jones 4
Lovely Rita 4
Rocky Raccoon [Em] 4
San Rafael Swell 4
Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad 4
Foolish Heart 4
Sing Me Back Home 4
And It Stoned Me 4
Wild Horse Valley 4
Lodi 4
I Bid You Good Night 4
Powderfinger 4
Liberty [C] 4
Last Lonely Eagle 4
Bubbles in My Beer 3
Next Time You See Me 3
Can’t Buy Me Love 3
Crazy Fingers 3
White Rabbit 3
Girl 3
Take Me Home, Country Roads 3
Bartender’s Blues 3
You’re Still on My Mind 3
I Feel Fine 3
Angel from Montgomery 3
She Belongs to Me 3
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 3
Love Me Two Times 3
*The Nightmare 3
The Losing End 3
Every Night 3
Man We Was Lonely 3
Political Science 3
Love Me Do 3
Quinn the Eskimo 3
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere 3
Hurdy Gurdy Man 3
*Live One 3
*Monica Lewinsky 3
Run Rudolph Run 3
Heaven 3
I’ll Cry Instead 3
China Doll 3
Dock of the Bay 2
After the Gold Rush 2
Helpless 2
Birds 2
I’m Looking Through You 2
Playing in the Band 2
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) 2
Dead Flowers 2
Cumberland Blues 2
Lonesome LA Cowboy 2
The Boxer 2
Bungalow Bill 2
*Other Love 2
I Got a Name 2
Desolation Row 2
Lonesome Fugitive 2
Hey Jude 2
Any Naked Eye 2
Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) 2
Illegal Smile 2
Act Naturally 2
I Shall Be Released 2
All Together Now 2
Early Morning Rain 2
Summer in the City 2
A Hard Day’s Night 2
The Night Before 2
Time in a Bottle 2
Salt Lake City 2
Wheels 2
Memphis, Tennessee 2
The Greatest Discovery 2
I Want to Hold Your Hand 2
Folsom Prison Blues 2
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry 2
Two of Us 2
Love Minus Zero/No Limit 2
The 59th Street Bridge Song 2
Longer Boats 2
Mr Bojangles 2
It’s All Over Now 2
One Time One Night [G] 2
My Girl 2
Good Lovin’ 2
I Can’t Sleep 2
Where Do the Children Play? 2
Teach Your Children 2
Crazy 1
One of These Days 1
Coat of Many Colors 1
If I Had a Hammer 1
Might as Well 1
You Win Again 1
Russian Lullaby 1
Eat Myself to Death 1
I’ll Follow the Sun 1
As Tears Go By 1
Breaking Us in Two 1
Good Day Sunshine 1
Rain on the Roof 1
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 1
Deep Elem Blues 1
That’s It for The Other One 1
Don’t Pass Me By 1
Christmas in Prison 1
Can’t Hurry Love 1
Bad Moon Risin’ 1
No Place Like the Right Time 1
Let the Mystery Be 1
Goin’ Back to Georgia 1
Hello in There 1
Shelter Me 1
Nowhere Man 1
WS Walcott Medicine Show 1
Ain’t No There There 1
Be Here and Now 1
Berkeley Girl 1
Just Watchin’ the Show 1
Around and Around 1
Bottle Let Me Down 1
Feelin’ Single, Seein’ Double 1
Diamond Joe 1
Help Me Rhonda 1
Kilkelly 1
Please Don’t Bury Me 1
Good Night Irene 1
On the Way Home 1
Both Sides Now 1
*Sailors 1
Watching the Wheels 1
In the Midnight Hour 1
Lady Madonna 1
Ophelia 1
Silver Threads and Golden Needles 1
Brown-Eyed Girl [G] 1
Breakdown 1
Margaritaville 1
Cherokee Rider 1
Shelter from the Storm [C] 1
Song for Adam 1
What a Wonderful World 1
Lyin’ Eyes 1
After Midnight 1
Tequila Sunrise 1
The Road to Findout 1
Piggies 1
Well All Right 1
Heart of Gold 1
The Battle of New Orleans 1
A Child’s Claim to Fame 1
Homeward Bound 1
My Baby’s Gone 1
Eve of Destruction 1
Land of the Navajo 1
Six Days on the Road 1
Wild World 1
Ramblin’ Man 1
Tear My Stillhouse Down 1
The First Episode at Hienton 1
*Afterbird 1

Virtual house concert Fri 11/27

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Streamstock Presents a Virtual House Concert with David Gans – Interpreting the ‘Ballads’ of Jerry Garcia

Friday, November 27, 7-9:00 PM EST / 4-6PM PST in Streamstock’s new online VenYou – Go to Streamstock’s FB page for the link and a sample video of the party room.

Enjoy a high-quality audio and video stream while watching with your friends, via Video Chat room. It’s like going out with your friends again to enjoy a show, but safely from your home.

NOTE: Host must have Chrome and should use their desktop/laptop…But the invited guests can use any device.

Tickets and more information here!