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Scary, stupid people

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

“He’s got the bloodlines.” Chilling.

The 2008 election in a nutshell

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

From Nicole Belle on Crooks and Liars:

If this isn’t instructive of how seriously the Republicans take the “War on Terror”™ and the horrible economic situation that their policies have put us in, I don’t know what does. The RK blog found this lovely gem. On Friday’s Fourth of July parade in Scottsville, VA, Democratic congressional nominee Tom Perriello threw candies at bystanders while riding in a trailer pulled by a bio-diesel fueled tractor.

How did GOP incumbent Virgil Goode (he who is petrified of Muslims being elected to Congress) participate in the same parade?

That’s right, he rode in a Hummer H3.

You gotta go look at the photos!

Look who’s pitching “protection of marriage”

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Two great ads promoting Republican “family values” – starring David Vitter
and Larry Craig.

Viva Digby

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

One of my favorite political blogs is Digby‘s. She pays attention to what’s going on and always write with clarity, depth, and compassion from pretty much the same spot on the political spectrum where I stand.

Here’s an excerpt from a post she made this evening, which amplifies something I said extemporaneously on the air tonight and adds much useful perspective:

First of all, congratulations to Senator Obama. This is a truly historic moment for the Democratic party and for America. When I was a kid (yes, back in the stone age)and when he was born, Barack Obama wouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the same hotels or get a drink in a bar or buy a house next to a large number of white Americans. Last night, America took another huge and necessary step in putting that awful history behind us. It was long overdue, and was made possible through the tremendous sacrifices and courage of many people who didn’t live to see the day. I am grateful that I did live to see it. I will do everything in my meager power to help him Obama win this campaign. The election of the first African American president signals the end of the era of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Nothing could be more fitting.

Also, congratulations to Senator Clinton, who in my view showed Democrats what a fighter looks like. This is the closest primary in history and despite what the bloviators and the gasbags have been saying for months, she had not only a right, but a duty, to fight on until the end for the half of the Democratic party that supported her. Clinton too was an historic candidate who inspired millions of people and she has my admiration.

If I might digress a bit and say one word about the Clintons, who to many are personas non grata in the Democratic Party now. Whatever happens, Bill Clinton will still be the 42nd president of the United States and the first two term Democrat since Roosevelt. That’s never going to change. Democrats should ask themselves, once the smoke has cleared, if it’s really a good idea to discredit his accomplishments. However you personally may feel about him, there is value in a popular ex-president remaining popular. Political value. (See: Reagan legacy project.) The question is what they are valued for.

I see them as warrior chiefs against the hardcore conservative movement machine that nearly crippled this country (but which may have just run its course after drifting into decadence and hubris.) But, at the time of the movement’s greatest power and influence, no one took more crap or was more deft at beating them back. I, for one, am grateful to both Clintons for taking a nearly unbelievable amount of heat from both the media and the Republicans during that era — and surviving.

Bill Clinton is in the pantheon of popular ex-presidents who continues to do important work on global initiatives. Hillary Clinton is a Senator and historic breakthrough presidential candidate who won more primary votes than any candidate in history aside from Barack Obama. Al Gore is a global leader and Nobel prize winner. On the other side of that epic battle, Newt Gingrich is a Fox News commentator, writing reviews of mystery thrillers on Amazon. Tom Delay is a private citizen facing indictment. Half of the social conservatives who unctuously criticized Clinton’s behavior have been run out of town on morals charges. Fox News is sinking in the ratings faster than George W. Bush.

The Clinton’s didn’t single handedly defeat the conservatives, but they fought them off valiantly when the movement was at its pinnacle and they deserve some credit for that. It’s hard to believe that we could have been worse off if they hadn’t, but believe me, we would have.

Please read the whole post. There’s a lot of great information and analysis from Digby and others on that blog; I read it every day.