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Some Magfest highlights

Monday, October 26th, 2009

So many fun moments in this amazing MagnoliaFest weekend. Here’s the music we made with Donna the Buffalo in the closing set Sunday night (10/25/09):

Fennario (Pretty Peggy-O) – Donna the Buffalo with DG
Day Tripper/Satisfaction
– DTB with Rubber Souldiers (DG, Chris Rowan, Lorin Rowan)

More music to come!

Rubber Souldiers rehearse 12/13/08

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Chris and Lorin’s niece, Amanda Rose, caught us backstage preparing for our performance at the Rex Foundation benefit.

Rubber Souldiers week

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 7:00 pm:
Rubber Souldiers celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Point Reyes Station, California. Be the Change!
Inaugural Ball, Soup & Bread Line starts at 6pm (bring your own beverage and bowl);
Music & Dancing w/ Rubber Souldiers 7-10pm
The Dance Palace 503 B St, Point Reyes Station –
$10 – No one will be turned away
Dress: West Marin Formal

Wednesday, January 21, approx 10:15 pm Pacific time: Rubber Souldiers perform live on Sing Out! with host Larry Kelp. KPFA 94.1 fm Berkeley CA, and streaming online at and

Thursday, January 22, 9pm: Rubber Souldiers Revue at the Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley CA.

Saturday, January 24, 10pm: An evening of acoustic duos with Garrin Benfield & Joshua Zucker and David Gans & Zac Matthews. (And there will be some inter-duo collaboration, too.) Connecticut Yankee, 100 Connecticut Street, San Francisco.

Rubber Souldiers at the Ashkenaz 1/22/09

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Rubber Souldiers 1/22/09

Tour diary: Rubber Souldiers 1/4/09

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Rubber Souldiers 1/4/09

Rubber Souldiers at the Station House Cafe in Point Reyes Station Sunday, January 4, 2009 (left to right: Chris Rowan, David Gans, Lorin Rowan, CC Dawson, Paul Knight) after our show at the Station House Cafe in Point Reyes Station CA. Photo by Rita Hurault.

We played 5-6:30, took a dinner break, and played til 8:30. This is Paul Knight’s regular “PK & Friends” gig, which is very explicitly a casual, unpolished affair. Also unplugged, albeit amplified w/ Paul’s PA system. Our drummer was there with a tiny kit. Chris, Lorin, and I played and sang into microphones.

We have a few pretty well worked-out sequences for our “Beatle jam band,” but we took advantage of this warm and intimate atmosphere to go way out there and try lots of new stuff – all of which, despite the occasional derailment, was great fun for us and very well-received by the audience.

I had my hand-held recorder with me but no cable to connect it to the PA, so I just put it in a spot where I might get some sense of what was played. The recording is clear enough for us to benefit from what we’ll learn from hearing it back, but not suitable for civilian ears.

I have the coolest role in this band in a way: the Rowan Brothers have been singing together for 50 years, and they have lots of Beatle songs in their blood and bones; I have the freedom to create a third part where there wasn’t one before. I sing less lead in this band, but that doesn’t bother me a bit!

Part of our pitch is that we stretch these songs out, blend them together, and loosen them up – without sacrificing the genius of the originals. One of the absolutely uncharted adventures from the first set for example, was Baby’s in Black-> Back in the USSR-> Get Back-> Baby’s in Black.

When we did “Here Comes the Sun,” I had been hoping for an extended instrumental in the middle. When we got to the end without having done that, I said something to Lorin and he immediately launched into a wonderful refrain that we teased out into an extended ride, loosely based on “Here Comes the Sun.” I thought it might have been something Lorin had done before, but he said after the show that it wasn’t. We invented a ton of new territory our the band to explore.

The restaurant was packed for the whole show, and the audience was singing along most of the time. And at the end of the second set, they were going nuts and demanding more. What a thrill!

There were moments when Lorin and I were exchanging information on vocal notes and phrasing via eye contact, and we have developed a very fluid way of passing instrumental leads back and forth. I tend to defer to Lorin as the “lead” instrument – guitar or mandolin – but whenever I get the fever and
start playing, there’s plenty of room for me and the handoffs tend to be pretty smooth.

We’re all seasoned players and singers and performers coming together over music that made us who we are; this is an almost ridiculously easy band to be in.

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
All My Lovin’->
Within You Without You->
If I Fell->
Across the Universe
No Reply
This Boy
Doctor Robert->
Come Together->
Doctor Robert
I Should Have Known Better
When I Get Home
Baby’s in Black->
Back in the USSR->
Get Back->
Baby’s in Black
Hold Me Tight
She Loves You
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Things We Said Today
I’ve Just Seen a Face
Yellow Submarine

A Hard Day’s Night
Glass Onion
It Won’t Be Long
Norwegian Wood
Here Comes the Sun
I Saw Her Standing There
Day Tripper
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
Here, There, and Everywhere
If I Needed Someone->
Paperback Writer->
With a Little Help from My Friends (reprise)->
Paperback Writer
The Word

Rubber Souldiers in west Marin Sunday 1/4

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

This is adapted from bassist Paul Knight’s email announcement, so the “I” in this email is Paul…

Paul Knight & Friends at the Station House Cafe downtown Pt. Reyes Station 415/663-1515
Sunday Jan. 4th, 1st set : 5 – 6:30 / 2nd set 7:10 – 8:30

2nd annual Beatles sing-along
Chris Rowan : guitar
Lorin Rowan : guitar/ mandolin
David Gans : guitar
Paul Knight : bass
C.C. Dawson : percussion

Just about one year ago I put together a group for my monthly gig at the Station House after running into David Gans at a festival in Florida. When I asked him if there was anyone he’d like to get together with and anything musically he’d like to do if he had the chance, without hesitation he said Chris, Lorin & Beatles. I had no idea that this had been a very short lived project called Rubber Souldiers. Since then the band has had a revival, added CC Dawson on drums (snare & hihat at this gig) and is booking festival gigs for the spring & summer of ’09. Check out for more info and a really scary picture.

Hope you can make it,

Rubber Souldiers at MagFest

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Rubber Souldiers 10/25/08
MagnoliaFest, Live Oak FL

Lorin Rowan: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Chris Rowan: 12-string guitar, vocals
David Gans: guitar, vocals
Mark van Allen: pedal steel guitar
Byron House: bass
Wildman Steve: drums

Things We Said Today

Doctor Robert

Two of Us->
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Rubber Souldiers – Minkin pix

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Rubber Souldiers 5/7/08
Bob Minkin posted some nice photos of the May 7 Rubber Souldiers show at the Iron Springs Pub in Fairfax. Sixteen images in all.

Chris Rowan showed up unable to speak, let alone sing, so we sent him home. It was Lorin Rowan, Robin Sylvester and me, with some vocal help from my friends Eric Rawlins and Phil Catalfo and a little squeezebox from Miguel Amor.

Rubber Souldiers rehearsal bits

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Some music from the Rubber Souldiers rehearsal Tuesday 5/6:

I Feel Fine
Dr Robert
Paperback Writer

The show is Wednesday 5/7, 8pm at the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery, 765 Center Blvd., Fairfax CA. No cover! Come early and have a great meal before the show!

David Gans – guitar and vocals; Lorin Rowan – guitar and vocals; Chris Rowan – 12 string guitar and vocals

Robin Sylvester on bass and vocals (he’s not on the rehearsal recording, but he’ll be at the gig!)

PLUS possibly some other special guests!

Rubber Souldiers poster

Rubber Souldiers w/ Robin Sylvester

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Rubber Souldiers 5-7-08

Lorin and Chris and I are delighted to have Robin Sylvester – a genuine English rocker who grew up on the Beatles – joining Rubber Souldiers on bass at the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery on Wednesday, May 7. Showtime is 8pm, and there’s no cover charge! Come to Iron Springs (765 Center Blvd., Fairfax CA) and enjoy a fine meal and some award-winning brews, plus our exuberant and jammy take on the Fab Four.

Robin Sylvester to join Rubber Souldiers on May 7

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Robin Sylvester, bassist of Bob Weir and Ratdog and a dyed-in-the-wool Beatle man, will join Rubber Souldiers (Chris Rowan, Lorin Rowan, and David Gans) at the Iron Springs Pub on Wednesday, May 7. Hooray!!

This is a Beatle jam not to be missed!

(Mark Karan may also sit in for a few.)