David Nelson re NRPS origin

In this excerpt from a July 2007 interview, David Nelson tells how the New Riders of the Purple Sage started, and also how Marmaduke got his name.

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  1. […] here’s a short audio clip of David Nelson telling how Marmaduke got his name and how the New Riders got start… in […]

  2. kat wise says:

    love david gans!!! really want to go to desert rocks-it’d be cool to have a contest on air for a free festival ticket–my passion is for broadcasting and taking the airwaves back! great blog

  3. mark daniels says:

    I will not be seeing DNB soon, but I would like to HEAR/HEAR OF celebrations/commemorations/anything(almost anything)ereo peretaining to musical/intellectual/humorous David(not that he wasn”t the greatest flat actor who ever lived)hisory. The shows I enjoyed in nHumbo ’03-’05, are w/me to this day, as I continue to spread the word, in places it”s never been heard, of the rolling joy and ear candy that was served generously by the band for many delightful years. lowincomedisability has got me in a non-shopping mood, but I would love to here many an interview and Davebrain related interestions. Hello nHumbo and ocean; happy trails David mARK

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