Mickey Hart interview 8/2/2011

Mickey Hart talks about the new Mickey Hart Band and tells some great stories in an interview with David Gans August 2, 2011. Enjoy!

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  1. […] a permanent link to an interview with Mickey Hart in his studio 8/2/11. This was broadcast on KPFA and on the Grateful Dead Hour in August 2011. He talks about his new […]

  2. JChastain says:

    Wonderful interview. I could listen to Mickey talk for hours …

  3. Bruce Kaufman says:

    Great stuff. Thanks for this. Mickey is the elder spaceman.

  4. […] Mickey Hart interview is permanently archived here. Furthur 7/16/11 is available on CD or via download Special thanks to […]

  5. Barry Barnes says:

    Very fun to hear about all the things Mickey’s into these days. I’m looking forward to hearing his new band…cosmic sounds should be easy for him!

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