KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon: Saturday, January 31, 2015

The annual KPFA Grateful Dead marathon is Saturday, January 31, 2015, 9am to 1am Pacific time. Broadcast live on KPFA 94.1 fm in Berkeley and streaming online at,, and


Hosts: David Gans and Tim Lynch

  • Rare unreleased Grateful Dead (and related) music!
  • Bill Kreutzmann’s Trypto Band
  • Live music by the T Sisters
  • Highlights from live performances broadcast on Dead to the World!

We’re running an auction right now (bidding closes the day after the marathon: Sun Feb 1 at noon PT). Click here to see a list of all the items – photos, backstage passes, a Jerry Garcia bobblehead, etc. Place your bids in the comments section of each item.

T-shirt designed and produced by Scott “Papa” Lindsey, available in Black or Chamois

Coffee provided by Grateful Beans and Leaves
Chocolate provided by Lillie Belle Farms

Thanks for your help! Papa Lindsey, Sandy Hall, Molly Foehl, Phil Osegueda, Sandy Sonnenfelt, Stuart Steinhardt, Brooke Caputo, Tony Ferro, James Schnitzen, Quincy McCoy, Laura Prives, Rick Hackett and Meredith Melville, Jack’s Oyster Bar and Seafood House, Bocanova, Gary Lambert, SiriusXM’s Grateful Dead Channel, Una Toibin, Mark Lichtenberger, Chef Jeff Rosen, David Lemieux, Charlie Miller, Rob Eaton, Bob Barsotti, John Wood/Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab; Jon Reichbach, Ralph Schachter and James Anderson/Sonic Studio, Kevin Vance, Joe Burke, Mary Tilson, C.J. Joulain, Corry Arnold/lostlivedead, Beauty’s Bagel Shop, Mark Pinkus, Trixie Garcia, Jill Montgomery, and too many phone room volunteers to count!

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  1. […] a link to the main info page for this year’s KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon. Links, info, and more will be updated […]

  2. Trappercreek says:

    wish all proceeds from the 50th “reunion” would go to worthy causes and community builders like KPFA.
    Otherwise, what’s the point of unleashing the powerful economic engine that the Dead have become?

  3. […] annual KPFA Grateful Dead marathon is Saturday, January 31, 2015, 9am to 1am Pacific time. Broadcast live on KPFA 94.1 fm in Berkeley […]

  4. Hey guys – I suppose you already have this year’s lineup scheduled. But for next year, I’d love to hear the ’72 Academy of Music Slow Blues by Bo Diddley and Jerry’s Sittin’ On Top Of The World if you can drag it out of the vault. Even after ten + years, I’m still pissed at GDP that they weren’t added to the official DP30 release. Thanks.

  5. Les Lieber says:

    hi guys, looking fwd to the 31st…can i donate $$ to receive one of the t-shirts (chamois, xl)?…phone, website?…thanx in advance for your consideration…have a grateful day, les (les lieber, 509.924.9537_home, 509.499.6833_cell)

  6. David Gans says:

    We’re asking for a $100 donation to KPFA for the shirt.

    You can send in your order now: make a check or money order payable to KPFA and send to

    Truth and Fun, Inc
    484 Lake Park Ave #102
    Oakland CA 94610-2730

  7. […] Mark Lichtenberger has donated two Lom Lomi (Hawaiian style) massages to the KPFA marathon! […]

  8. […] weekend and through February David Gans will celebrate two milestones: his 29th Grateful Dead marathon on listener supported KPFA-FM in Berkeley and his 30th year of radio broadcasting. A musician and […]

  9. […] tomorrow (Thursday, January 29) on NPR’s Here & Now. We talked about Saturday’s KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon and (spoiler alert!!) we played a few clips from the shows I am planning to play during the […]

  10. […] Here’s the info about the marathon. […]

  11. Paul Scotton says:

    Any bets as to what time this year David gives out his home phone number instead of the pledge number? Mine in 8:15 PM.

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