Signed HARDCOVER of “This Is All a Dream We Dreamed”

Use this link to order a copy of This Is All a Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead signed by both authors.

If you’d like it made out to a specific person, PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO with the details.

3 Responses to “Signed HARDCOVER of “This Is All a Dream We Dreamed””

  1. david benatar says:

    i just ordered the book. very excited, please make the autograph out to david benatar thanks. I’ve been a head since “78 and wish i knew you guys better. love your stuff, thanks. and looking forward to the next show!

  2. Moss Willow says:

    So, click link “This is all a dream…” and pay via Macmillan

    Or click “Buy Now” and pay via Paypal…

    Assuming the latter…



  3. Christine Berge says:

    Hi David,
    My husband Rich Hutchinson (who’s a keyboardist with Reckoning) and I met you at the Baer Gallery evening in Oyster Bay, NY. You had already sold out of the books. So now I’m ordering it for him for Christmas. Please make the autograph to him, Rich.
    Chris Berge

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